Undergraduate Course: "Who's Got the Story? Memoir as History/History as Memoir"

"Who's Got the Story?" That is the question at the center of this course, which is offered in conjunction with an exciting series on Memoir and History to be held throughout spring semester 2007. In this series, distinguished writers will come to campus to discuss how their craft is informed by the intersection of personal memory with history.

How is the memoirist's interpretation of personal memories similar to the historian’s struggle to make meaning from artifacts, documents, and oral histories? How do their approaches and methods differ? How can we understand each craft—memoir and history—as storytelling? This course will incorporate the speakers' series to explore such questions.

We will read and discuss several works in the series and will have the unique opportunity to see, hear, and engage with the authors of these works.

Course Number

Cross-listed under: AMST 3920 section 002, ENGL 3090 section 006, HIST 3910 section 002


Matthew Becker, beck0032@umn.edu

Class Time

  • 60% Discussion
  • 40% Conference attendance

Work Load

  • 80-100 pages of reading per week
  • 5 one page reaction papers
  • 1 discussion leadership assignment
  • 1 final paper


  • 25% reaction papers
  • 25% discussion leadership assignment
  • 20% final paper
  • 30% class/conference attendance